Activision Reveals New Ghostbusters Game

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Activision announces a new Ghostbusters game which will release alongside the new movie, but it’s probably not exactly what most people were hoping for.

If the new Ghostbusters movie has got you feeling nostalgic, then you’re in luck. Activision has officially announced its team-up with Sony Pictures to create a new game inspired by the upcoming film. The game will take place after the events of the movie, so players won’t have to worry about spoilers.

The title, named simply Ghostbusters, will feature a new cast of characters that have never been seen before, rather than using either of the two teams from the movies. The player is responsible for leading their team of ‘busters through a poltergeist-infected New York City to stop the spooky happenings in their tracks. The gameplay looks to be that of a third-person action RPG with local co-op play aspects.

No specific developer information has been announced for the title, but Activision has released the following description of the game:

Ghostbusters, is a third-person action role-playing game positively charged for thrilling couch co-op with up to four players locally. As rookie Ghostbusters, players can level up their characters’ gear and abilities by tackling objectives, defeating ghastly creatures and discovering hidden collectibles in Manhattan’s most haunted haunts.”

Players can pick from 4 different Ghostbusters, each with their own personalities and play style. The members will also all have unique skills that they bring to the table to support their fellow team-mates. The brief announcement trailer at the top of the page shows a tiny bit of in-game footage for those curious as to the look of the new title, as well as a brief animation of Slimer in his school days. The trailer has not been well received if the YouTube like/dislike bar is any indication, with the vast majority of viewers giving the video a thumbs down at the time of this article’s writing.

A report indicating that a new Ghostbusters title was in the works first appeared 3 months ago, inciting a lot of excitement from fans of the old movies. Unfortunately, as popular as the films are, there hasn’t been much in the way of video games of late, besides the 2009 game for the previous generation of consoles. This new Ghostbusters action RPG is to be the first title featuring the ‘busters on a current-gen system, excluding the LEGO Dimensions set that released several months ago.

Hopefully the excitement of the new movie will inspire a range of new Ghostbusters tie-ins, such as the Ecto-1 car for Rocket League that we at Game Rant want so badly. The franchise would also be an excellent addition to Telltale’s selection of titles, but we can only hope that the developers will see it the same way, once the company has finished with its Batman game.


[Source:- Gamerant]