Alleged Leaked Samsung SM-R150 Activity Tracker Images Hint Of Rotating Bezel

Samsung Triathlon

Samsung is reportedly gearing up to release a new wearable – a fitness tracker – that resembles the South Korean company’s Gear S2 smartwatch.

Images of the alleged activity tracker with the code SM-R150 have surfaced online and point to a rotating bezel for the device. Online publication Tizen Café was the first to reveal the pictures of the Samsung activity tracker on Twitter. However, the images have since been pulled down from the publication’s Twitter account.

Nevertheless, the folks at SamMobile managed to get their hands on the leaked images posted by Tizen Café. The images not only reveal a circular dial, the design of the wearable is also reminiscent of the Gear S2.

“According to the images revealed by Tizen Cafe, The SM-R150 appears to be equipped with the same circular display and rotatable bezel that we’ve seen on the Gear S2. The whole design of the activity tracker is close [to] the Sport variant of the Gear S2,”says the publication.

The site is of the opinion that Samsung’s new Bio Processor chip is fueling the activity tracker. This chipset was shown off by Samsung at the recently held CES 2016 on its S-Patch prototype.

This is not the first time that the Samsung SM-R150 wearable has been in the news. In November 2015, rumors were rife that the company had a budget-oriented fitness tracker in the anvil.

At the time, we reported that leaks hinted that the alleged fitness tracker sported the model number SM-R150. Internally, the wearable was said to have been codenamed Triathlon. The mysterious Samsung fitness tracker was said to be the rival for the affordable Xiaomi Mi Band, which costs $15. Rumors also pointed to similar specs for the entry-level Triathlon barring the presence of a heart rate monitor.

Now with supposed images of the fitness tracker emerging online, there is some credence to the rumors.

The series of images of the metal-based wearable gives a peek into some of the features the Mi Band rival from Samsung’s stables will house.

It seems the Triathlon will have a heart rate sensor and will also be able to count workout repetitions. The pictures also hint at the wearable being capable of tracking the user’s water intake levels. The activity tracker will also support biometrics and interestingly, as the image below reveals, the SM-R150 can be attached to the chest.

The alleged Samsung SR-150 fitness tracker

(Photo : SamMobile) The alleged Samsung SM-R150 fitness tracker

It is not known when the alleged wearable from Samsung will see the light of day. Samsung could possibly show off the device when it unveils its next-gen Galaxy S7 smartphone a few months from now.