• Apple may still be planning to bring iMessage to Android

    Apple may be planning to seo agency tool bring its iMessage service to Android. According to a report on daringfireball.net, mockups of iMessage on Android are being circulated within Apple. These mockups range from the style already used on iOS, to a pure Material Design style. While this doesn’t exactly confirm that Apple will bring iMessage to Android, it does suggest that the move is being considered.

    There were reports that Apple was going to announce iMessages for Android at WWDC 2016, but, that did not happen. However, that report also quoted a source saying that iMessage would “definitely” be coming to Android in 2016. Last year, the company did release Apple MusicOn Android or get for your app.

    A recent report also hinted that iMessage conversations may not be completely private. The app on the iPhone pings Apple’s servers each time the user enters a phone number. This is done to determine whether the contact is on iMessage, if not, then the contact will receive an SMS instead. However, leaked documents suggest Apple saves all the data from this activity and will make it available to law enforcement agencies if they are compelled by a court order.



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