Bloomberg paying $150 for social media ‘influencers’ to promote campaign

Image result for Bloomberg paying $150 for social media 'influencers' to promote campaignHoping to capitalize on social media’s growing influence in U.S. politics, Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign announced it will offer “influencers” an opportunity to make money promoting the former New York City mayor.

Bloomberg’s team posted the advertisement for social media influencers on the service Tribe, which connects influencers to paid opportunities promoting brands. The ad says Bloomberg is “a proven supporter of progressive values” and instructs influencers to “be honest, passionate and be yourself!” in their support of the Democrat.

Bloomberg, 77, is targeting “micro-influencers” or people with substantial followings. The campaign is offering $150 for verbal or still image posts telling followers why they support the Democratic candidate, who the campaign describes as “a middle-class kid who worked his way through college.”

Bloomberg has already sunk $200 million into his bid and has promised to spend another $1 billion on whichever Democrat emerges as the nominee.

Bloomberg’s campaign has posted several social media videos and photos aimed at engaging millions of online users.

President Trump has used social media as a way to connect with supporters, specifically Twitter and Facebook, as a bypass around the traditional media structure.