CASH IN ON COMPLAINTS How moaning on social media could win you back up to £500

COMPLAINING on social media could bag you as much as £500 in discounts and gifts, new research shows.

Millions of Brits take to social media every year to complain about companies’ products and services, and there’s good reason to do so.

More men than women use social media platforms to challenge brands, found

More men than women use social media platforms to challenge brands, found

Research by comparison website found that successful social media complainers received discounts and free gifts worth more than £65million from the companies they’ve moaned about – an average of around £32 each.

But some grovelling firms have handed out even more – in some cases giving complainers more than £500 in discounts and gifts.

The study of 2,000 British adults found that only 15 per cent have complained via social media, but 55 per cent of those said that it meant their issue was resolved quickly.

Just under 30 per cent subsequently received money off or a goodwill gift.

More men than women use social media platforms to challenge brands, the website found, and typically recieved more in compensation – around £40 each compared to £26 for women.

Consumers who have a gripe with a company traditionally complain by phone, email or letter, but nowadays more people are turning to Twitter and Facebook to shame the companies that have provided a bad service.

Because it is more public, businesses are more likely to want to show their high level of customer service and resolve the issue quickly and positively.

Matt Sanders,’s head of money, said: “Many people dislike confrontation and find complaining in person or over the phone quite difficult, even when their consumer rights are being ignored.

“Whether you’re a seasoned complainer, or uncomfortable about calling out a poor product or service, using social media is an increasingly common and, for many consumers, successful way of getting your issue resolved.”

How to complain on social media successfully

  1. FIND the companies’ official customer services page. Most brands will have a dedicated account for helping customers, e.g @Asos_HereToHelp
  2. Get to the point and keep your message short. Make it obvious what the problem is straight away without rambling
  3. Take pictures to illustrate if there’s an issue with a product – pictures and videos are more likely to attract people’s attention
  4. Don’t swear. If you’re offensive and rude, companies might just ignore you.
  5. Don’t include your personal information. Posts are public, so anyone can see it. You can always direct message your address or any account numbers
  6. Don’t give up if you don’t get a response. Try different social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and be persistent.

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