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CBSE 2016 has created several controversies because of the kind of paper it comes up with. First Maths, then Political Science and then Accounts, all these papers have been dreadful and were unanimously considered to be a bane. A similar scenario was noticed in 2015. Students were scared and demanded lenient checking and awarding grace marks. This year, students have gone a step ahead and demanded a retest for Maths. While Maths has been the center of the controversy, other subjects have caused damage too. This issue was also raised in the parliament. Regardless of whomsoever this is upon, it counts to be a severe concern. Teachers have during both years raised their concerns about the way examination turns out to be.

These are some of our news articles that were authored during the same time on related topics.

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This brings new questions to be answered. CBSE XIIth examination is extremely important in current scenario, simply because it is the ground work forming the base of the whole structure to be created. A minor negligence on the part of students, or the board may result in grave concerns. Time and again this is noticed but no real action has been undertaken. The students always blame the board and board has always declined to take sole responsibility of this, but has been courteous enough to reconsider what students demand. This year, it seems unlikely so, at least for Political Science and Accounts. CBSE board has agreed to take into account the students concern and assured that a reasonable course of action will be followed.

Although students voices have been accepted, it doesn’t give a good outlook of having such fiasco every year. Of what we perceive, there is a fundamental negligence on the part of the students and obsessive compulsion on the part of the CBSE.

Here are the statistics for the previous years. Have a look at it and make your own inferences.

2014 88.52 78.27 82.66
2013 87.98 77.78 82.1
2012 86.21 75.8 80.19

This is a bipolar situation and to find the right solution the most feasible middle ground is to meet half way. Students shouldn’t make such arguments and understand that the board is consistently trying to raise the bar for evaluation. Hence, greater efforts should be put in along with solving previous papers keeping in mind every paper would be more difficult than the last year, while the board should look up to the volume of students and find a right balance between trickiness and fair conduct of exams. We are a democratic nation and hence, let every aspect relating to masses flow in a democratic way. Above all, have faith, both, in your efforts and in CBSE.

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