Why Do We Choose Rotary Dryers When It Comes to Processing Phosphates?

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Phosphate rocks can’t be used as they are. They need to be processed in a variety of ways. You need to screen it, grind it, filter it and do other things with the phosphate rock that will make it ready for further usage. But, at the end of the day, you need to dry the phosphate rock, so that you can use it.

Now, why do we need phosphate drying?

Phosphate rocks generally can’t be used without processing and drying. Now, if we use rotary dryers for the drying process of the phosphate rocks, there are many advantages to it.

  • It is better than any other process for drying the phosphate rocks, and it is also fast when compared to other processes.
  • It is very important that before the phosphate rock is manufactured it is dried. Since, the wet rocks are not fit for further usage.
  • Drying a phosphate rock by rotary dryers also reduces accretion, since, dry phosphate rocks are very less prone to clogging. This process makes the phosphate rocks more energy efficient.


You have seen phosphate fertilizers, and you know how they look. They are mostly granulated materials. Granulation for phosphate rocks is a simple technical process which involves rotary granulators. It makes the material or the rocks inside of it solidify and this is commonly known as granules. These granules also need drying before further usage. Therefore, this drying process is also carried out by the rotary dryers.

For manufacturing of phosphate fertilizers, it is of utmost importance that it is dried in order to manufacture these fertilizers it is important, that all the moisture content is removed completely.

Animal Feeds

For animal feeds manufacturers also, phosphate rock is an integral material. And, for animal feeds manufacturers also, you need to have an additional drying process.

Granulated Phosphate Products

There are many advantages of drying to process granular products.

  • They produce a higher quality product. Granules that are processed through rotary granulators tend to stick to each other and they are also uneven in size. When these granulated products are processed through a rotary dryer then, they lose their moisture content, and therefore do not stick to each other. They also lose their uneven shape and become polished. Therefore, as a result, the product is much better and the quality of the product is also high.
  • The granules are more robust when they are processed through drying. As we discussed in the earlier point, treating the granules through a rotary dryer makes them hard. Since, they lose moisture while the drying process, their surface becomes smoother, and the processed product do not cake. At the same time, the resistance of the granules becomes much higher, and hence, mechanical damages can be handled easily, and the end user do not have to be careful about the product becoming damaged.

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