Clusterpoint Announces Clusterpoint 4 Computing Engine With New JS/SQL Data Language

Clusterpoint announced the release of the Clusterpoint 4 Computing Engine, which builds on the company’s Clusterpoint 3 distributed document-oriented database product. The new version adds support for a new data manipulation and query language called JS/SQL. This language is based on JavaScript and SQL and allows database professionals to extend the power of SQL using standard JavaScript syntax.

“With Clusterpoint 4, we want to reduce complexity and costs of existing IT infrastructure and enable real-time processing of data on a massive scale. We want our users, like developers, to import their raw data and then leverage the power of our computing engine to transform that data into something that has business benefits, exactly when and how they want it,” said Zigmars Raascevskis, CEO of Clusterpoint.

The new JS/SQL language available in Clusterpoint 4 allows developers familiar with SQL and JavaScript to execute arbitrary JavaScript as part of any SQL SELECT or UPDATE statements. ClusterPoint 4 now features native support for JSON and XML data types. Previous versions allowed the storage of JSON data, but this data was internally converted to XML. Coming soon in Clusterpoint 4.1 will be the ability to store diverse datatypes, organize them into nested collections, and join them using references.

The Cloudpoint cloud-based Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) architecture unifies data and storage, providing a database that can be distributed among compute nodes whereby all processing can be executed efficiently on local data. Computing is done by accessing indices that are optimized for retrieval from RAM and SSD storage.

Unlike many NoSQL database solutions, where data consistency is often sacrificed in order to provide fault tolerance and scalability, Clusterpoint 4 provides ACID-compliant transaction support while building efficient numeric, full-text search and geospatial indices.

Under Clusterpoint’s pay-as-you-go pricing model, billable criteria are CPU core time, storage space, RAM, and outbound cloud traffic. Clusterpoint also offers an on-premises install option. A free 10 GB evaluation version is also available.


[Source:- ITbusinessedge]