Dell launches new backup and recovery services that straddle the cloud and the client

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Dell has announced a programme of new data protection initiatives to protect systems, apps and data that straddle private premise computers and the cloud.

There are four main strands to the new offerings: Dell Data Protection and Rapid Recovery, three new data deduplication appliances models, Dell Data Protection and Endpoint Recovery and a new Dell Data Protection and NetVault Backup offering.

The Dell Data Protection and Rapid Recovery system integrates with previous Dell offering such as AppAssure in order to help eliminate downtime for customer environments. Dell claims that users get ‘ZeroImpact’ recovery of systems, applications and data across physical, virtual and cloud environments. The Rapid Snap for Applications technology works by taking snapshots of entire physical or virtual environments every five minutes so users can get immediate access to data in the event of an incident. Rapid Snap for Virtual technology also offers agentless protection of VMware virtual machines.

The new Dell DR deduplication appliances are named as the Dell DR4300e, DR4300 and DR6300. The mid-market DR4300 offers up to 108TB of usable capacity while ingesting up to 23TB of data per hour. The entry-level DR4300e is a smaller scale, low-cost appliance that can scale up to 27TB. The DR63000 is a larger midmarket and small enterprise solution that delivers up to 360TB of usable capacity while ingesting up to 29TB of data per hour.

Dell Data Protection and Endpoint Recovery is a light-weight, easy-to-use software offering that gives customers endpoint protection and recovery solution for Windows clients. This is an offering for single users and starts off being free.

The Dell NetVault Backup is a cross-platform, enterprise backup and recovery solution that offers a spectrum of operating systems, applications and backup target support. A new option is to allow customers to break up backups into smaller, simultaneously executed chunks to increase performance.


[Source:- Businesscloudnews]