Destiny 2 Promises New Combat Abilities

Destiny 2 Promises New Combat Abilities

While Bungie has arguably done a great job of building hype for Destiny 2, the studio has achieved that goal so without revealing too much about the game itself. Fans know that a major gameplay reveal is set for May 18th, but aside from that and some very small story details everything else is a mystery.

New Combat Abilities in Destiny 2?

One of the major questions that potential Destiny 2 players might have about the game is how Bungie plans to handle classes and abilities in the game. From the game’s marketing materials we know that Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks will be making a return, but whether or not they will have the same, similar, or completely new abilities is unclear.

Thanks to a new message from Bungie, however, fans now know that there will be at least some new combat abilities for them to play around with in Destiny 2. In a Destiny 2 promotional tweet, Bungie says exactly that, while, like in the reveal trailer, also promising a “ton of loot.”

What exactly these new combat abilities will be is anyone’s guess, but speculation is sure to abound between now and May 18th. Most players figure that Bugnie will wipe the slate clean with subclasses, but that’s not necessarily a guarantee.

New Subclasses or Skill Tree

It could be that Destiny 2 preserves the subclasses from Destiny 1 – i.e. Sunsinger, Gunslinger, Striker, etc. – but reworks their abilities. In essence, this would preserve the elemental matching game that is inherent to Destiny’s combat, while also offering players some new toys to play around with.

Another popular theory is that Destiny 2 will feature completely new subclasses, based on new elemental concepts. Decay has been an idea tossed around for a while now in the Destiny community, and perhaps something similar could make its way into Destiny 2.


There’s also a third possibility to consider, one in which Destiny 2 completely reworks combat to be less subclass based. We know from story details that player’s Guardians will have lost their powers at the start of the game, so perhaps these combat abilities will be something completely new, and not element-based.

It would certainly be interesting to see Destiny 2 go for a more freeform RPG experience, offering players a single, more expansive skill tree. That way they could spec in specific directions, while still keeping some of the inherent move sets of the respective classes (jumps, melees, grenades). Of course all of this is speculation, but soon Bungie will put all questions to rest.

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