The Division blows Destiny out of the water with 6.4 million beta players

On Friday, The Division’s open beta officially began on the Xbox One, with the PlayStation 4 and PC versions going live on the following day. The beta has officially ended and it ended with a bang. The beta had an unprecedented amount of players, giving some credibility to Ubisoft’s belief that The Division will have one of the biggest game launches in the game industry’s history.

More than 6.4 million players joined The Division’s open beta across the PS4, Xbox One and PC. In comparison, Destiny boasted 4.6 million beta players across the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.

At the time, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said “This is the biggest beta of this console generation by a wide margin and the largest console beta ever for a new video game IP to date.”

Consider Activision dethroned, Ubisoft’s The Division is now king of the hill.

Each Division player ended up spending an average of five hours playing the game, with two hours spen in the Dark Zone and almost 50% of the players choosing to go Rogue by killing another player.


[Source:- Gamezone]