Dying Light Guide: How to Find the Floating Zombie Grenade

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Use this guide for Dying Light: The Following to find the blueprint needed to create Czesiu’s Super Zombie Grenade – a weapon that causes zombies to levitate.

In Dying Light: The Following, the newly released expansion to the base Dying Light game, players will be spending a lot of time killing hordes of zombies. Luckily, there are plenty of tools available to get the job done, including guns, various melee weapons, explosives, and even a dune buggy. However, one of the most hilarious and satisfying weapons in the game must be crafted.

The weapon in question is the Czesiu’s Super Zombie Grenade. To obtain it, one must first complete all of the Tolga and Fatin side quests available in Dying Light: The Following. With that accomplished, head to the southwestern part of the map. Follow the railroad tracks here until coming to a tunnel. Just outside the tunnel is a white truck, and next to that is a red case.

Unlock the case and inside the blueprint for Czesiu’s Super Zombie Grenade will be found. To craft the weapon, players need 10 power cables, 1 tin can, 10 batteries, and 10 metal parts. Overall, it’s not a difficult weapon to craft, and it’s totally worth it, as it sends zombies flying into the sky, only to have them slam back down to the ground, killing them in the process.

Check out this YouTube video by gamer Will Smith (no, not that Will Smith) for additional help in finding the blueprint for Czesiu’s Super Zombie Grenade:


Czesiu’s Super Zombie Grenade will be added to the list of awesome methods that Techland has allowed players to utilize when killing the zombies in Dying Light. It joins the likes of other notable weapons such as the EXPcalibur sword, the teleporting grenades, and more.

Overall, it’s good to see a developer be so creative when it comes to zombie-slaying tools. Zombies themselves are already an overused enemy type, so it’s nice that players can go through Dying Light: The Following without having to kill them the same way they do in all the other games starring the undead creatures.

Czesiu’s Super Zombie Grenade and the other unique weapons found in Dying Light also help to add a touch of comedy to the otherwise bleak experience. Watching zombies fly into the air is quite amusing, and reminds one of the laughs that were to be had when Dying Light briefly had superpowers on April Fools Day last year. Here’s hoping that Techland’s next game continues the company’s tradition of providing open world experiences filled with entertaining weapons and abilities.

Dying Light: The Following is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One


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