Dying Light Has A Huge Harry Potter Easter Egg, Get The Details

Techland’s Dying Light is a hugely popular first-person, zombie survival game. The developers really seemed to enjoy spending time working on the game and adding in all sorts of little hidden details, including an Easter Egg featuring J.K. Rowling’s one and only Harry Potter.

Game Informer was tipped off to the news where some images were posted onImgur showcasing the map with a location highlighted, along with a room that appears to be hidden under the stairs in Dying Light: The Following. You can check out the image below.

Dying Light Harry Potter Easter Egg

If you’re familiar with Harry Potter the image at the top showcasing the bed under the stairs could be an Easter Egg relating to Harry’s time with the Dursleys. The image shows a wizard hat on the bad, what looks like some wood scrapings from the stairs, a few books on a shelf, and two bottles containing some unknown liquid substances.

Game Informer believes this is a reference to Harry Potter due to the round spectacles lying on two boxes that make up a makeshift nightstand next to a partially melted candle. The under-stairs appears to have been abandoned for quite some time, with some foliage seeming slipping through the cracks of what could be considered as a slanted ceiling.

The hidden location appears to be just a few clicks away from a safe house, in between the new racing track, which provides players with a new mini-game that they can partake in thanks to the newly added dune buggies in Dying Light: The Following.

It appears as if there’s either a hidden trap door or a chest with some goodies in it at the foot of the bed. I’m curious to know what’s inside exactly?

The Easter Egg is one of many that Techland appears to have tucked away in Dying Light: The Following. The game’s latest expansion takes place in a large open world with lots of brand new missions to complete, new zombies to face off against, as well as an improved “Be The Zombie Mode”.

The added racing mini-game and the ability to find, customize and upgrade the vehicles also adds a lot of replay value to the core gameplay. Dying Light has been so successful since its release back in early 2015 that Techland has committed to working on another year’s worth of content for the title.

Maybe in the new DLC they’ll have a few more noteworthy Easter Eggs that movie aficionados and bookworms can spot out during their journeys into the open-world, zombie apocalypse of Dying Light.

The latest expansion is available right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can pick up The Following DLC separately or as part of the Enhanced Edition at retailers or digital distributors nationwide.


[Source:- Cinemablend]