How to Enhance Your SEO Efforts by Guest Posting

How to Enhance Your SEO Efforts by Guest Posting

There is a widespread myth prevailing within the content marketing industry that guest posting is not that good a strategy to improve the SEO performance of a website. To be fair, this notion is not without its merits.

If your idea of blogging means brazen copy-pasting content or spamming unnecessary information for the sole purpose of filling in white space, this is really not going to work for you or anyone else. You might as well do something more constructive in the meantime that is not going to waste anyone’s time.

That being said, keep in mind that credible sites with no-follow links would not really help you augment your site’s search ranking one bit. At the same time, if your content is shared reputed social media accounts, it can really do a world of good for your search engine rankings in the longer run.

Following traditional and well established classic SEO tips such as using relevant keywords in page title and headline, incorporating H1 tags in HTML formatting etc. are other indirect means of enhancing the SEO ranking of your pages.

However, most of them have their own guidelines and policies regarding the type of content that that s acceptable to them for the purpose of guest blogging that is acceptable to them for the purpose of guest blogging.

If you can, try to arrange interviews with well-known guest bloggers who have credible experience in working with reputed websites. Furthermore, compile these interviews in the form of e-books and distribute them online for free through myriad platforms. It helps you in two ways.

Firstly, these established guest bloggers enjoy a huge reader base, and if they agree to lend support to your e-book that includes their interviews, you can be assured of garnering huge amounts of traffic from both readers and website owners. The traffic follows your website through inbound links embedded within the e-books. As your writing starts getting noticed by websites that matter, your chances of being hired as a guess blogger grow up automatically. Established guest bloggers may also embolden you to grab a potentially lucrative opportunity by recommending you to the websites they write for. For this to happen though, you may want to establish a pleasant and long-term rapport with them.

Second, the burgeoning traffic that reaches your website through their support helps you get more hits, which translates into better business opportunities.

Take advantage of that and try to get some eminent guest bloggers to endorse your e-books through their official social media profiles; it will further enhance the traffic and engagement aspects of your website, which is something that must never be undermined.

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