How to Erase Data from iPhone without Recovery

In the life of an iPhone, there reaches a time when you may want to or need to reset the data and settings of the phone to factory defaults or may have to erase or delete all the stored items on your phone. Resetting your iPhone is a scary thing, you will lose all of your stored items, music, and pictures with no way to retrieve them unless you have made a backup.

Situations, when you would want to erase your phone, can include

  1. Giving away or selling away your iPhone.
  1. Sending your iPhone for repair, you would certainly not want your personal details and or data to be available for other people to browse.
  1. Your iPhone’s software is corrupt, and it requires to be reset back to factory defaults.

The process can be easily done either through on-screen commands or when connected to iTunes.

In this tutorial, you will be guided through the course of erasing your data using onscreen commands.

Start the process by syncing your iPhone with your personal computer to create a backup of your phones data, if in case, at some point in time you may require any information that you have removed. Once syncing and backing up of data is complete, and you have disconnected your iPhone from your computer, start the process of resetting your phone. This is quite a natural process.

Go to the home screen the iPhone and tap on the Settings icon in the menu. In Settings sub-menu, tap on the General options. There, you will find various other options and scroll down to the bottom of the list; you will find Reset option. Tapping on it, you will find two options, Erase all settings and content. Depending on what you want to do select one of them. Selecting the reset option, you will just return your iPhone preference setting to factory defaults and not delete your data. By choosing the erase all option, you will not only go back to iPhone default factory settings but also all your data including emails, app, music, messages will be deleted from your iPhone. This is the guide on how to delete photos from iPhone completely.

And from here on, one can sell your iPhone, give it away, or even send it for repair without having to worry about your personal data.

Erase data on the iPhone for selling: To ensure that any data recovery can not recover the deleted data, you need to select an excellent tool which can complete this work correctly and won’t get any data. It’s protected and straightforward to utilize.

Step 1. Interface the iPhone to the PC

Get your iPhone appended to the PC where Safewiper iPhone Data Eraser is introduced.


Step 2. Pick a sort of information deleting

Dispatch Safewiper Data Eraser for iPhone and select the alternative of eradicating all information and settings to start the data cancellation. All information contains contacts, messages and other individual information.build9

Step 3. Begin to delete all information on your iPhonebuild10

The procedure of information deleting will take you a short time. Keep your iPhone associated amid the entire course.

At the point when it’s total. Your iPhone begins with a fresh start now.