Have You Ever Felt That Others Are Better At Business Than You?

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Wow, there are so many different niche businesses out there. Some are retail, some are on the internet, others are service based, but whichever type, each one has someone running the show, taking the positive steps and making the right decisions. How are they successful and why am I not? I’m sure this question has crossed many entrepreneurs’ minds. We see success in many different forms, each person’s perception of success is far different to another’s. Some may find that money is everything and other’s a quality of family life. If these two things are at opposite posts then there’s a lot more versions of success in between.

I think success is defined by how happy we are with our lives. However, this could be perceived as a selfish streak too. For example, in a marriage, if only one partner is happy with their relationship, but the other is not than this is hardly a successful marriage. Therefore, how is success perceived in business? Does every staff have to be happy or just the entrepreneur? Or is the happiness perceived from outside the business?

Would you say that success reflects on how much money a business makes or how popular it is? Maybe nowadays monetary value does not play such a huge part since the introduction of the internet. Search engine optimisation seems to be challenging that very point by making a business frequently found on the web and creating a large audience that interacts with it can also be seen as success. Why should success be measured in this way? Well, maybe it’s because few things are a monopoly anymore, and when one’s competing with a countless number of other businesses doing pretty much the same thing then it can get challenging to stop at just the financial side of things.

This is why, businesses need to concentrate on their presence on the internet and the best way to do this is through channels such as social media and search marketing. Our article last month tells us just how important it is to get our heads around social media. I, myself, condoned Facebook when it first came out and other social media during that time, like My Space and so forth. I still stand by the fact that it’s impersonal, intrusive and can leave ourselves open to vulnerability. But the more I think about it, it’s starting to become a necessity to have ourselves reachable to the world and more so, for a larger group of people such as businesses. For an individual, social media can be a lost cause if not channelled the right way, but as a business, it’s all about marketing themselves through visibility and reputation building, which is required to compete for their standing on the web.

I was the sceptic, but I’m starting to let my guard down, as I presume a lot of others in my position back then will be doing too as they see the benefits. More importantly, the necessity of having an internet presence is a major avenue of finding success through personal growth as individuals or for their businesses and other ventures.

That only leaves me to say… see you on Facebook!