My favourite gaming moments from Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – Reader’s Feature

My favourite gaming moments from Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Reader’s Feature

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – full of magic moments

A reader encourages people to write in with their favourite video game memories, and starts the ball rolling with the latest Zelda.

I was hoping I could selfishly try and encourage other people to write in with their favourite little personal gaming moments. For no other reason than I really enjoy reading them. I can offer up as an example any one of 100 occurrences from my preferred game series, but I thought I’d submit something that happened to me the other day.

I found myself in a coffee shop with an hour to kill, so thought I’d while away the time by dipping into Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Although I’ve beat the game and sunk over 200 hours into it, I’ve been using the Hero’s Path mode to check out areas I haven’t explored. After a quick scout around, I settled on Gerudo Summit.

If you don’t know it, Gerudo Summit is on the west of the map. As I approached it, I realised that I’d been there before – I’d struck the eastern face of it with a shock arrow to unlock a shrine – but never ventured up it. I changed into my climbing gear, gobbled down some cold-resistant potion, and started the climb.

When I got to the top I wondered how I could have missed it. It’s huge and really visually interesting. Freezing cold, deep snow, and with a huge crevasse cleaved right along the length of the plateau, creating a valley. I could see something weird and out of place to my left, but decided to start to my right and work my way there.

I ran along the floor of the valley as it twisted its way to the edge of the summit, fighting bokoblins and mini-frost talons as I went. As I reached the last corner I heard the telltale jingle of dragon music but, before my brain could process what was approaching, Farosh appeared from round the corner in all his electric glory and basically headbutted me!

I recovered my composure (and my weapons – they’d been shocked out of my hands by this point) and gave chase back through the valley, firing off badly aimed arrows. Eventually one found the target, sending a scale up and over the lip of the crevasse, out of sight. As Farosh sauntered off nonchalantly I climbed the ridge to claim my prize.

Again, the music changed and, when I swung the camera round to find the cause, I was jumped by a silver Lynel! Now I consider myself a veteran Lynel hunter at this point, so he didn’t cause too much trouble but I had gooogled Lynel positions before and never saw this one listed.

Lynel slain, I turned my attention towards the first point of interest: the unnatural shape in the distance. This turned out to be a huge sword lodged in the crest of the mountain. So cool I had to take some screen grabs before I left.

I’ve since googled Gerudo Summit. Of course the Lynel is listed, and it turns out the sword relates to a quest I missed. But to stumble naturally across such a great series of moments after around 250 hours speaks to how great a game this is.

By reader deckscrubber02

My favourite gaming moments from Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Reader’s Feature

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