Google: Agreeing With Us Doesn’t Equal Good SEO; We’re Often Wrong

A couple weeks ago, Gary Illyes from Google posted on Twitter saying “I’m often wrong.” I let that one slide and decided not to cover it with a title saying “Google says they are often wrong,” or something like that. Well, the other day, Gary posted again on Twitter saying the same thing with more context.

So he said just because an SEO agrees with Google, it doesn’t mean that SEO is doing good SEO work. He said “Google =! Good SEO.”

He added, “I’m wrong many times, questioning what I say for example is actually good. It makes me rethink what I said.” Testing what Google says, even when it comes to how Google handles 302 redirects maybe, is a good thing.

So do your own tests, make your own conclusions but try to do it all within the guidelines so nothing comes back to bite you later on.