Google Drive Update Makes It Easier To Organize Your Files


For those who’ve had Google Drive accounts long enough, there’s a good chance there’s enough clutter in their cloud storage account to warrant inclusion on a traditional chore list. But aware of the potential for clutter, Google has rolled out an update to Drive that’ll make it easier for users to manage their files.

This one is a trifecta of improvements, the first of which concerns Drive’s search function. Now when users search for files, whatever pops up in the search results can be dragged and dropped into a folder listed in the sidebar. That’s regardless of where the searched file was originally stored.

The improvement to the search function makes it easier to regain control over a chaotic Drive account. Whenever a user has to search for a file, he or she can drop it into a more appropriate folder so that it won’t be hard to find next time.

Similar to the search engine’s improvements, Google has updated the preview function to make it similarly easy to put a file in its place. A new icon has been added to file previews, enabling users to drop previewed files into any of the Drive’s folders. The folders would appear in a drop-down menu beneath the new button.

And rounding up the list of improvements to Drive, Google has added a Move and Add to Drive button. So when users stumble upon a file that’s out of place, they can easily refile it. Also, when they run into a file that was shared with them, but not saved to their Drives, they can use the Add to Drive button to find a place for off-Drive content.

The latest updates to Drive follows news announced at the end of last year that revealed that Google is offering $1 million to fund more independent security research into the safety and integrity of Drive.

“Separately, we’ll continue to offer up to $20,000 to anyone who finds and reports a qualifying issue,” Googlesaid last month. “The end result of these ongoing efforts is a product that – unlike your garden-variety hard drive – actually gets better over time.”