Google rolling out new Pixel ‘Check for update’ UI with Material Theme tweaks

With the January security patch this week, many noticed that the Google Pixel’s “Check for update” button was working as intended again. Google is now rolling out a redesign to the System update screen that adopts a handful of Material Theme tweaks.

We managed to enable this new UI with the latest version of Google Play services last week, but it now appears to be rolling out according to Android Police. Like other Material Theme revamps, Google centers important parts of the UI, including the phone icon and “Your system is up to date” status. That icon already follows Google’s latest design language with bold outline and hollow interiors.

While this interface was previously already stark white, Google is removing the light blue app bar in this new version. Meanwhile, that hint of color is still present in the app icon and the notorious “Check for update.”

It’s now a properly defined button and moved to the bottom of the screen rather than just underneath the “Last successful check for update” status. Tapping — or mashing — the button reveals a new checking animation. Instead of a loading progress bar, it is now an animating circular indicator that takes up a large portion of the screen.