GTA 5 Bonus Week Offers Discounts and Extra Cash

Yet another Grand Theft Auto Online event is underway, with this latest one lasting a full week and offering discounts, as well as bonus money and experience.

There are a number of components to this. From now until February 11, all VIP freemode activities, the Running BackAdversary mode, and games played in a special Adversary mode playlist will reward players with double cash and RP. The latter playlist consists of the new Extraction and Drop Zonemodes.

The extra money, in particular, can then pay off in several ways. During the next week, you’ll need only $500,000, rather than the usual $1 million, to become a VIP. Rockstar notes that you don’t actually need to spend this money; you simply need to have that amount to qualify as a VIP before setting up your own organization.

You can also spend that money on several of the new vehicles added in the Executive & Other Criminals update, which are 25 percent off during the event. These include the Benefactor Turreted Limo, Bravado Verlierer, and Declasse Mamba, while Super Volito Carbon and Super Volito helicopters are on sale, too. You’ll also find 10 percent discounts on things from Docktease and yacht personalization options.

There’s still no word on single-player DLC for Grand Theft Auto V, which may be because the game’s online component is proving to be tremendously profitable.