GTA V Single-Player DLC Hinted at by Franklin Actor Shawn Fonteno

GTA V Single-Player DLC Hinted at by Franklin Actor Shawn Fonteno

The gaming community clearly can’t get enough of supposed single-player downloadable content (DLC) for Rockstar North’s latest open world crime adventure Grand Theft Auto V, and now the people behind the game seem to be joining in on the hype.

Shawn Fonteno, the actor behind the voice and likeness of one of the game’s three primary characters – Franklin Clinton – posted a picture on Instagram on Tuesday that seemed to suggest he was producing new work for the best-selling game.

“Right now our focus is on GTA Online which has exceeded our expectations. We currently have all key members of the team that launched Grand Theft Auto V focused on supporting GTA Online in every capacity,” the game’s design director Imran Sarwar told IGN in September.

There has been no word from Rockstar to confirm or deny any reports since, and the company has remained mum on what Fonteno’s picture indicates. With a one-word caption carrying a popular Internet slang acronym (“LOL”) your guess is as good as ours what Fonteno is hinting at, or whether he’s just reminiscing about his enjoyable mo-cap days.

Even Ned Luke, the actor behind another one of the game’s characters in Michael De Santa, wasn’t too forthcoming with his admission.

GTA V originally released in 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and made its way onto current-gen consoles and Microsoft Windows in the following years. The game has sold more than 54 million copies till date, but all of the post-launch development work from Rockstar has been focused on the online multiplayer aspect – GTA Online – as it tends to generate higher revenue.We’ll just have to wait and see if GTA V has any single-player DLC in the works.