Here’s Destiny’s Latest Matchmaking Update

The latest Destiny matchmaking update brings new settings that are now live in the zone-capturing mode, Control. Developer Bungie has only applied these settings to the one mode, so players can test them out and see if the developer should deploy them to the rest of the game.

Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague posted about the update on the Destiny forums today. He said there will be more emphasis on finding matches with better connection quality, while skill ratings will be less important in matching players. It’ll be easier to play with those who are more or less skilled than you, but it also means that opponents will have the same luxury–that may make it easier or harder for you to win games, depending on who you match with.

“There is still some form of protection to insulate the casual players among us from the most hardcore,” said Dague. “But those considerations will have much less impact on the technical quality of the matchup.”

Dague also said Bungie is extending its Damage Referee, a system that helps Crucible players have better connections, from Control to Clash, Rumble, and Freelance 3v3.

Bungie wants your feedback on how the new settings feel. You can leave feedback on its forums.

In related news, Bungie is planning a spring update for its multiplayer shooter. It will include a Light level increase, new gear, and new PvE “challenges.”