IAS officer Chandrakala has 8.5 million Likes, way she gets them shows everything wrong with Indian FB users


ood Morning! Did you like it? May be no, may be yes. But it seems that a huge number of Facebook users in India love the pointless Good Morning messages enough if they are also accompanied by a photogenic profile picture. At least that is the impression you will get if you scroll through timeline of the IAS officer B Chandrakala, which is full of her profile and portrait photos, most of them accompanied by a simple message that is “Good Morning”.

However, in most instances this photo and the message have been enough to move Indian Facebook users enough for them to hit the Like button. Most of the photos posted by Chandrakala on her Facebook page have thousands of Likes. In some cases, mostly profile pictures, the Likes cross one lakh. In total, Chandrakala’s Facebook has 8.5 million Likes!

Now, if you are wondering why we are talking about Chandrakala, it is because she is currently under investigation by the CBI, which alleges that she was part of illegal mining scandal in UP in 2016. Whether she is actually guilty of corruption or not is something that only the CBI investigation and the courts will decide, what we can say after going through Chandrakala’s social media profile is that she is a social media star.

On Twitter, where she doesn’t share the portrait photos all that often or refrains from Good Morning messages, Chandrakala has over 8,97,000 followers. On Instagram, where she isn’t all that active, the young IAS officer has over 12,000 followers. It is Facebook that the former DM of Bulandshahr rules.

There are reports that the formidable star power of Chandrakala on social media is because of the way she cultivated her image online. A report in the Economic Times noted that she hired a social media agency to maintain her social media profiles and that the agency on her behalf carefully created videos and messages that went viral.

While it is true that the Facebook timeline of Chandrakala also contains details of the work she did — like photos of her going out and inspecting areas or services that fell under her purview — in terms of Likes her most successful posts are the ones that carry her photogenic pictures and Good Morning messages.

That, to be clear, reflects poorly on India’s Facebook users. It shows that they are probably too stupid to look for anything meaningful. All they need to Like something on Facebook is a post with photogenic photo accompanied by a “hello”

In fact, the Facebook account of Chandrakala is not the only Facebook page or a social media page that has built a fan following and amassed millions of Likes with messages and photos that are seemingly pointless. There are a number of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter starts in India that don’t anything other than post their photos and yet have a crazy fan following. It is as if Indian Facebook users have too much free time on their hands to do and they spend this time Liking any post that has a photo in it.

The Good Morning messages are also a scourge on WhatsApp, a very popular app in India. Apparently, Indians send millions of Good Morning messages every morning. The problem became so big that Google last year worked to fix how these messages were making Android phones slow and came out with the Files app that could identify these messages and could allow users to delete them in one go.