Instagram Now Autoplays Videos With Sound Once Enabled

Instagram Now Autoplays Videos With Sound Once Enabled


  • Instagram now autoplays videos with sound
  • Goes back to mute by default once app is restarted
  • Advertisers could see this as a boost for attracting users

Facebook-owned Instagram has quietly rolled out a new feature for its app on Android and iOS that now sees videos autoplaying with sound if the audio setting is turned on. This is similar to what Facebook introduced on its own platform earlier this year.

The feature has been spotted by a number of users although Instagram has not explicitly mentioned the same in any recent update. Instagrammers will now find all videos automatically playing with sound if it has been enabled on one video. This is meant to make it easier for those who wish to watch all their videos with sound without the inconvenience of enabling sound individually. This also works within Instagram Stories as well.

Note that once the app is closed and reopened, the sound is muted by default. While some may appreciate the new feature, other may find it annoying when scrolling through their feed and hearing unwanted audio, especially when they are ad-related. On the flip side, advertisers may see this as a boost as it could attract users towards ads with a catchy sound.

Facebook introduced a similar feature earlier this year as it was increasingly focusing on videos. However, it also allowed users to disable the feature in Settings by switching off Videos in News Feed Start With Sound. Such an option has not been added for Instagram and users will only be able to do so by toggling the sound off on a video.

Instagram last month introduced comment threads on its platform that allows users who reply to a post to find their response grouped in a thread, another feature that has been part of Facebook for a while now.