Intel Capital Investment


According to recent reports, Intel Capital, Intel Corporation’s global investment and M&A organization, has invested roughly $67 million throughout eight Chinese technology companies. These companies represent a number of industries, including robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics and cloud technology.

The companies sharing the $67million dollar investment are Bluebank, Hampoo, Ninebot, Nuovo Film, PraFly, 99cloud Inc., and AWcloud Technology CO.Ltd, and Telink. 99cloud is based in Shanghai and provides OpenStack based solution as well as operational support. Some of these solutions include front-end optimization, core framework optimization, backend optimization and hyper-converged all-in-one solutions. AWcloud is based in Beijing and offers large scale OpenStack Cloud solutions for a multitude of industries such as oil, power, healthcare, and education. AWcloud has aided in he ransition from traditional IT services to contemporary cloud solutions through a hyper-converged “Cloud-in-a-Box” solution based on OpenStack and Intel technology. In addition, the company provides a private cloud that may be scaled out by adding more systems.

There are many obstacles for international cloud companies, such as Microsoft and IBM, which make it difficult for them to enter the cloud sector in China. For example, such companies are required to pursue partnerships with local Chinese cloud companies. Because Chinese based companies benefit from the expanding market and methods that safeguard them from international competition, they are made to be an attractive investment.

“Intel has a well-established track record working with China on the development of its technology industry over the past 30 years, during which time the country has transformed itself into a leader of global technology innovation,” Intel China president Ian Yang said in a statement. “Our investments, new products and collaborations in China support the government’s national initiative to uplift its innovation economy and continue Intel’s long-term commitment to accelerating CTE development in China and driving global innovation and entrepreneurship.”s


[Source:- Cloudnewsdaily]