iOS 11 Adoption Rate Reaches 65 Percent of Active Devices

iOS 11 Adoption Rate Reaches 65 Percent of Active Devices


  • Apple updated its developer website with fresh iOS 11 adoption statistics
  • iOS 10 present in 28 percent of Apple smartphones
  • In November last year, iOS 11 adoption had already hit 52 percent

Apple has posted fresh iOS 11 adoption statistics on its developers website. The Cupertino giant claims that 65 percent of compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices are now running the current generation operating system. Apple updated its App Store Distribution page to show the OS distribution data of App Store visitors on January 18, split between iOS 11, iOS 10, and earlier iOS versions. An adoption rate of 65 percent for iOS 11 would mean that the OS version has a greater share of active devices compared to the last three versions of Android.

The App Store Distribution page says that 65 percent or the majority of active devices are now running iOS 11, followed by 28 percent running iOS 10, and 7 percent running earlier versions. In November 2017, iOS 11 adoption hit 52 percent, which was said to be slower than previous models. The latest data measured on Thursday shows adoption rates are on a steady upward trajectory, gaining about 13 percent in two months. In comparison, Apple had revealed the adoption rate of iOS 10 in February last year, and at that time it stood at 79 percent.

The iOS 11 update could see more adoption as Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that an upcoming update will allow users to disable battery performance throttling on their devices. The move is likely to overcome the slowdown issue that was acknowledged by the Cupertino giant last month.

Apple had launched iOS 11 as its most advanced mobile platform in September, alongside unveiling the iPhone X as well as launching the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.The latest version brought a revamped control centre, enhanced screenshots, dedicated Files app and ARKit integration among others.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS is far ahead of Google’s Android OS when it comes to adoption rate. The Android developer portal shows that its latest Oreo version is running on about 0.7 percent of devices, with data last updated on January 8. The Nougat version accounts for a total of 26.3 percent in terms of adoption. Interestingly, 28.6 percent smartphones still run Android 6.0 Marshmallow and 25.1 percent are on Android Lollipop. This means that iOS 11’s adoption far exceeds the last three versions of Android.