Kingdom Hearts 3 Leak Lists Locations

Kingdom Hearts 3 Leak Lists Locations


  • Kingdom Hearts 3 has had new locations leaked
  • The game is slated for the PS4 and Xbox One
  • No release date has been announced yet

Kingdom Hearts 3, the next entry in the crossover action role-playing game series feating Final Fantasy and Disney characters has had a wealth of information leaked regarding possible worlds or in-game locations. Files pertaining to the much anticipated PS4 and Xbox One game were discovered online and their details laid bare on Reddit.

“I’m going to go ahead and say that I’ve done my own research and I have ran across the files that were supposedly leaked,” claims Reddit user Rum3636. “I am not however able to download any of them probably due to the fact I don’t run any software and that Square has probably removed all of these files by now (though they are still searchable) I’m going to give the files that I have found and give my idea of what these worlds are as well as what other people think they are.”

No release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 has been announced yet and if you want your Kingdom Hearts 3 experience to be spoiler-free we recommend not reading the following list.

Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds list

  • TS – likely to be short form for Toy Story. Files include: Airdroid robot, Gigas, Floor A , Floor B, Floor C, gunball machine, area doll stage, areadollflamenco, areadollshelf, areadollflamenco, areadollcastle, areadollcushion, areabosscube, and areabosscone.
  • RA – probably short for Rapunzel (Tangled). Environments include Bonfire, Cliffhill, Curvecliff, Limestone cave, Swamp Clover, mushroom, lead flower, jagged grass, dead hornbeam, wetlandlamp, torch, mountain, lavender, tower door, and branch. The Redditor notes that it’s odd to see files pertaining to Tarzan levels present here.
  • FZ02 – refers to Frozen and there are a lot of files pertaining to icicles. 
“There is literally like icicle files label A, B, C, D as well as Area files labeled the same way,” the user notes.
  • RG – Radiant Garden perhaps. Has files for Castle, monitor, computer, machine, door, pipe A, pipe B, pendulum, balance stick, arc gate, house, castlebehind, and computer room.
  • DP – this one is more cryptic than the rest with the leaker suggesting it could be for “Land of Departure maybe? Or maybe it’s Daybreak P… Has a lot of castle files. Castlehandrail, castlewall, castlestaindglass, castlefloor, castlestage.”
  • HE – possible for a Hercules-themed world with files like groundstairswall, groundstairspillar, groundstairsbrokenwall, buildingroof, stoneblock, arc relief, arc stone, arc pillar, Hercules doll,pot broken, and hammer.
  • PO – could pertain to Winnie the Pooh’s tree. Files include rabbithouse, landry, honeypot, scarecrow, vegetables, bridge, and fence.
  • DC – quite possibly Disney Castle. There are files for library bookshelf, candle, chair, ink bottle,library fireplace, and dog bed.