New Steam Sale Launches to Celebrate the Lunar New Year

Steam doesn’t typically celebrate the Lunar New Year in any way, but this year it’s marking the occasion with a brand-new sale that’s now live.

Thousands of games are discounted as part of the sale, and not just ones that have some kind of connection to the Lunar New Year holiday or Golden Week. You can get Killing Floor 2 for $20,Company of Heroes 2 for $9, The Talos Principle for $10, Crypt of the NecroDancer for $5, or Fallout 4 for $40, among many others.

On the Steam homepage, you’ll also find a short story that presents you with a series of choices. Initially, you’re asked to find a way either across or around a body of water, which translated to you picking to either swim or drive. Depending on your choice, you’ll be presented with games on sale that either involve water or driving.

From there, you can continue to discover games by making similar choices. There doesn’t appear to be any more to this, like a way to earn Steam cards; it’s simply a slightly interactive way of discovering new games.