Overwatch’s Newest Hero Wrecking Ball Is Playable This Month

Overwatch's Newest Hero Wrecking Ball Is Playable This Month


  • Overwatch’s 28th hero is Wrecking Ball
  • He’s playable from July 24
  • His lore ties in with Winston, a pivotal Overwatch character

Popular shooter Overwatch is getting its 28th hero this month. Blizzard has announced that Wrecking Ball will be playable from July 24 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Wrecking Ball is the name of the giant mech piloted by a hamster known as Hammond who shares his origin with another character in the game, Winston – a super intelligent gorilla from Horizon Lunar Colony, a map that was added to the game last year. The Horizon Lunar Colony in Overwatch lore was an experiment meant to turn gorillas into scientists which ended poorly. Its subjects rebelled, launching human scientists into space.

“When Wrecking Ball is at his strongest, he can use Minefield flings mines onto the ground that deal a considerable amount of damage to enemies unfortunate enough to trigger them. As the sixth tank hero in the Overwatch lineup, Wrecking Ball provides disruption while also being an aggressive bruiser that bullies the enemy’s backline, eliminating vulnerable heroes that are left unguarded. He excels at disrupting enemies’ positioning with his Roll and Piledriver abilities while also posing a serious threat if he’s left alone to train his Quad Cannons on key targets,” says Blizzard on how Wrecking Ball can be used in a match.

Wrecking Ball abilities

  • Quad Cannons: automatic assault weapons
  • Roll: transform into a ball and increase maximum movement speed
  • Grappling Claw: launch a grappling claw to rapidly swing around the area, enables high speed collisions to damage and knockback enemies
  • Minefield (ultimate): deploy a massive field of proximity mines
  • Adaptive Shield: create temporary personal shields, amount increases with more enemies nearby
  • Piledriver: slam into the ground below to damage and launch enemies upward