Pinterest Reports on Audience Trends to Watch for 2016

If you’re considering using Pinterest for your marketing and branding efforts, one of the first things you need to know is who’s using the platform – i.e. is your target audience on Pinterest? Second to that, what you also need to get a handle on how people are using the platform – what are the common user trends and behaviors, what’s popular and trending in Pins? Understanding the platform audience is key to making informed decisions on whether it’s a good fit – having some idea about why and how people are using each network can go a long way towards determining whether you need to be there and whether it’s likely to deliver results for your business.

To help with this, Pinterest recently released a new listing of the top trending topics from across the Pin network in the early part of 2016. Many of them are as you’d expect – lifestyle and craft-type ideas – but they do also highlight some interesting trends and provide some additional context into why users head to Pinterest and what they’re looking to find on the platform.

Here’s Pinterest’s listing of trending topics for 2016:


  • Jiu jitsu, +49%: This martial art is helping Pinners get in fighting form
  • Coconut oil, +43%: This oil’s in everything from face wash to fudge
  • Zucchini, +22%: With zucchini “noodles” and baked boats, this veg isn’t squashed yet

Dressed-down looks

  • Blanket scarves, +55%: Tied, belted or draped, these cozy wraps are versatile must-haves
  • Pocket squares, +32%: Men want quick, sharp accessories
  • Athleisure, +47%: Easy workout wardrobes are being sported everywhere, not just the gym


  • DIY photo prints, +56%: Pinners are transferring photos onto wood
  • Brunch at home, +48%: Skipping the brunch rush and cooking at home goes over easy
  • STEM projects, +35%: Parents are going full STEM ahead with educational activities for kids


  • Coloring for grown-ups, +53%: Adults are unwinding with this childhood pastime
  • Capsule closets, +47%: Minimal, streamlined wardrobes help clear some headspace
  • Flying solo, +32%: For travelers looking for self discovery, solo trips are taking off

While the listing and the noted trends, in themselves, are interesting, they also speak to the wider context of what Pinners are interested in, and what products resonate best on the platform. Home decorating is obviously a key topic of interest (‘Capsule closets’, ‘DIY photo prints’) as is cooking (‘Brunch at home’, ‘Zucchini’), but interesting to also see popular lifestyle and leisure topics in there – things like ‘Jiu Jitsu’, ‘Flying Solo’ and ‘Colouring for grown-ups’. This speaks to the aspirational nature of Pinterest, and can help define not only what your brand should be posting on the platform, but how your should be framing your offerings to align with what Pinners are seeking.

In addition to this, Pinterest has also released a listing of the trending searches among male and female Pinners, with the gender split showing a clear divide in topics of most interest.


  • Paleo ideas
  • Pocket squares
  • Nutri Ninja smoothie recipes
  • Superbowl snackadiums
  • Luxe watches
  • Ultralight backpacking meals
  • Outdoor travel hacks
  • Airstream campers
  • Off the grid cabins
  • Barndominiums


  • Budget friendly travel with kids
  • New Zealand
  • Glamping
  • Food in mugs
  • Going minimalist
  • Cozy PJs
  • DIY beauty tips
  • Minty home Decor
  • Outdoor wear 101
  • How to rock a leather midi skirt

If you’re trying to reach male Pinners, camping/hiking and food look to be the key trends, while for female Pinners, outdoor adventure also looks to be a winner – to get specific, minimalist camping in New Zealand (with kids) seems to be on point (midi-skirt optional).

There’s some interesting insights in the Pinterest listings, and they definitely show some clear trends and leanings among the Pinterest audience, key areas of focus for marketers to understand when trying to reach the platform’s audience.

[Source:- socialmediatoday]