Player Hits Pokemon GO Level Cap

Player Hits Pokemon GO Level Cap

A Pokemon GO player uses a script to power level up to 40 without actually playing and discovers the rewards that are unlocked after hitting the game’s max level.

Anyone who has clocked enough hours in Pokemon GO to make it beyond level 25 knows that the gap between levels becomes punishingly hard in the end game. It takes a lot of time and Lucky Eggs to level up at any decent pace, but dedicated players are still attempting to race towards the hard level cap of 40. With the help of some cheating, one very curious Pokemon GO player has reached that goal and discovered the game’s rewards for maxing out.

Without playing nonstop since the game’s release, it might seem like it should be impossible for a player to have reached level 40 at this point. That is likely still true. The player who hit 40 andshared his findings with Reddit and fully admits that he used a Pokemon catching script that allowed his character to constantly catch Pokemon without him doing any actual playing.

Although it might sound like flat out cheating to some, Luca (who goes by Reddit name _problemz) promises that he only cheated in the name of research. He wanted to know what was unlocked at the end of the game and after screenshoting the level rewards he says he’s done with that character. His plan is to email Niantic and admit to using the script so that the company will delete the account.

Despite all the theories about what might be at the end of the leveling grind, it seems that players only have the usual items to look forward to. Luca’s screenshot reveals that the level 40 rewards are 40 Ultra Balls, Max Potions, Max Revives, Razz Berries, plus four Incense, Lucky Eggs, Incubators and Lure Modules. That’s a lot of great gear (if you have the backpack space), but isn’t quite the finale some fans were hoping for.

Niantic has promised that there are more secrets and Easter eggs hidden in Pokemon GO, but apparently none of them are hidden behind the level cap. Because there is no crazy reward unlocked at level 40, it seems likely that the developer will fix the unbalanced experience requirement that is currently in place. It takes 5 million points to get from level 39 to 40 right now, which seems nearly impossible to pull off without a cheat like the one that Luca used.

Most players won’t reach the 30+ experience grind for a while, so the company has some time to iron these scaling problems out and find new ways to make the game more fun for high level players. It seems likely that more world events and special Pokemon are on the way, so hopefully that motivation will keep the community engaged.

What do you think of the level 40 rewards? Were you hoping for something more exciting at the end of the grind? Let us know in the comments.


[Source: Game Rant]