Pokemon Go news: New event release, EX Raid reveal, Legendary update

Pokemon Go news this week includes EX Raids and a new event launch

A new Pokemon Go event is kicking off this weekend, although it won’t be as far-reaching as the recent Halloween run.

Unlike the spooky event that just finished, the new Pokemon Go event will be held in South Korea.

The new Pokemon Go launch will be nationwide, although the big events will be held in Seoul and will include a series of legendary bird encounters.

The official Korean site confirms that all spawns will increase during the week in question, with  Mr.Mime and Unown also included.

Niantic is planning to host a Pokemon Go Festa in South Korea from November 4 to November 12.

Fans can expect more Pokemon to appear in the country for the duration of the event, and from November 10 to November 12, Trainers in Seoul, South Korea will be able to battle Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia in Raid Battles.

TRANSLATION: “Pokemon FESTA, hosted by Pokemon Korea, will be held in Korea from November 4 (Sat) to November 12 (Sun). During this event, the probability of appearance of Pokemon is higher than usual in all parts of Korea (except for some areas)!

“There is even more amazing news during the period from November 10 (Fri) to November 12 (Sun). The trainers in Seoul are able to play raider battles with ‘Frezer’, ‘Thunder’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Luigi’ (except for Lotte World Mall). Pokemon ‘Mime Man’ And ‘Anon-nong’.”