• The changes that have come to our society through the technological revolution of the past few decades are indeed staggering. The tech revolution, from a managed IT service provider Dallas to Global IP Networks the use of Smartphones by people from every walk of life, the changes in society we are currently dealing with are nothing short of astounding. That these changes have all come through so quickly is the other aspect of the revolution that can be hard to fully comprehend. Just a few short years ago many people were able to manage just fine without constantly consulting their phones. Today, the reality is that most people feel a real dependence on their phone to help them manage most of life’s activities, from banking to work to personal communication.

    Why The Old Days Seem So Long Ago

    All these revolutionary changes in our society, from the use of social media for work and play, to the constant use of sophisticated smartphones to get us through the day, have happened astoundingly fast. If we look back to the early 2000s, at that time we weren’t able to check our emails numerous times a day. Things had to wait until we got back to our home computer and dialed up a connection, if we were able to connect and get online at all. Ten years before that, email was just beginning to be a tool for fast communication. All of these developments have changed our lives in ways we never really imagined, and though some of the changes may not be totally welcome, few people really want to turn back the clock on the revolution.

    What’s Ahead

    One question that keeps coming up is “what’s next?” as far as new advances go. Right now, many tech companies are being forced to do some soul searching in order to find the answers, as far a what lies ahead. In a way, it has to seem that the biggest advances have already happened, as far as communication goes. Today we can contact anyone in the world at lightning speed, which is an act that was utterly impossible just a few years ago. So the big question is, “where do we go from here?” Will we achieve a Jules Verne-like future in which people are flying around with their own personal jet packs and driving flying cars? Or, will we finally just be content to know we can call up anyone anywhere in the world and have a casual conversation? Ultimately, only the future can reveal the answer.

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