• Filling up at the pump is such a commonplace activity that many people forget how volatile gas vapors can be. Those vapors are extremely flammable and could ignite with a single spark or the fresh butt of a cigarette. Gas station builders go to great efforts to minimize trouble at the pump, installing sensors, line leak detectors, and alarms throughout the system of tanks and piping. However, consumers must also be aware of the nature of gas and take steps to maintain safety for everyone at the station.

    Stay Focused

    There are a lot of opportunities to build up a static charge if you’re moving around, getting into and out of your car, or leaning over the car seat. It’s also pretty easy to get so caught up in your social media updates that you don’t recognize a slow leak at the nozzle. If you must get into your car, touch some metal on the exterior of the vehicle to discharge potential charges. Keep your phone out of sight and pay attention to those gallons of gas moving from safe storage underground into your car.

    Minimize Risks

    Gas station builders complete their work to abide by strict electrical, business, and municipal code requirements. These rules are there to keep station owners and consumers as safe as possible while fueling up vehicles. Consumers must also do their share to protect gas station security.

    For example, you can abide by no-smoking rules around gas pumps and in the station. Don’t strike a match or ignite a lighter. If you do happen to see a fire, leave the area immediately while warning the people around you. Don’t try to cut off the gas or remove the nozzle.

    Do Your Share

    It’s easy to become complacent around gasoline and the vapors that attend the substance. However, the men and women who build and supervise gas stations make great efforts to keep people safe. Make sure you’re doing your share to maintain that safety.

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