Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. (SSC) CEO Provides Update on Digital Asset Securitization

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Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSC), Chairman and CEO Bruno Wu announced today a brief update on how the Company’s digital asset securitization solutions differ from ordinary cryptocurrency:

“Seven Stars Cloud is a next-generation Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain-Powered Financial Technology Company with one of its focuses being the delivery of digital asset securitization solutions. With the intersection of technology and finance constantly progressing and evolving at a high-speed pace, and with the persistent misunderstanding about cryptocurrencies, it’s important to me to make sure that both investors and future business partners comprehend the concise but vital differentiation between Seven Stars Cloud offerings and others.”

”Cryptocurrencies’ are used principally outside existing banking and governmental bodies, are traded over the Internet and have the unique potential to challenge existing systems of currency and payments. SSC and its solutions differ in that: 1. SSC’s business is entirely not cryptocurrency-based but a super intelligence driven AI+blockchain financial services company focusing on delivering digital asset securitization solutions; 2. SSC believes that cryptocurrency offerings first and foremost need to be pegged to real assets so risk can be measured and rated, securitization can be priced and finally the offerings regulated to protect investors and all parties involved. Consequently SSC’s solutions are built upon these fundamentals; 3. SSC believes that because current cryptocurrency offerings are not real asset based and not regulated, that they will ultimately not retain their value and in addition are merely mediums for speculation; 4. SSC’s platform is only open to cryptocurrencies with the highest market circulation as one of the payment settlement mediums for digital asset securitization together with all legal currencies, credits and other methods of payment settlement.”