Group of young people

Our social media channels have been developed as an integrated part of our digital strategy and work as a source of informative, educational content in their own right – reaching young people, in particular, in the places and in ways that fit in with their lives. In 2017-18 we reached over 5 million people through Facebook alone, and have over 4,000 followers on Twitter.

I saw your post on Facebook and went through your page, I must say u are doing a really good job by empowering people with knowledge about HIV.
– Avert Facebook fan

We use our all our digital platforms to challenge and educate on stigma and other cultural, legal and social barriers – mainstreaming messages through our content as well as through specific awareness campaigns on social media.

Our ‘Know the Score’ World AIDS Day campaign in December 2017 aimed to increase the number of men testing in Southern Africa. The digital campaign rolled out on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and reached over 1.24 million people, with over 319,000 people taking digital action and over 27,000 watching 100% of the campaign information video.

Know the score campaign reached over 1.24 million people