Star Wars Battlefront’s February Update Adds New Map and Mission

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The February Update for DICE’s and Electronic Arts’ sci-fi shooter, Star Wars Battlefront, is out now and it adds a brand new map and mission to the game.

Nearly a month after bringing about plenty of changes and additions in Star Wars Battlefront with the game’s free January Update, developers are now delivering more of the promised goodies for 2016. The title’s February Update goes live today, and includes a new map called “Twilight” and a fresh mission dubbed “Survival in the Ice Caves.” On top of the two pieces of previously unavailable gameplay, the patch’s 4.4 gigabytes of information has loads of additional alterations and bug fixes that can be read in full on the next page.

As far as the details for the new map and mission go, “Twilight” is set on Hoth, and can be experienced in the Walker Assault, Supremacy, Turning Point, Fighting Squadron, Drop Zone, and Heroes vs. Villains game modes, while “Survival in the Ice Caves” has been added to Survival Missions. Star Wars Battlefront developers only announced their inclusion, and didn’t provide any further information.

Star Wars Battlefront also received a new film grain setting that allows players to adjust the visuals so that the game can look more like the movies. While having the option is always nice, such an addition is pretty commonplace nowadays. For instance, the Mass Effect trilogy included the feature, and that was on last generation platforms. Nevertheless, those interested in giving Battlefront a more cinematic quality can find the component in the title’s video menu.


Fans of Star Wars Battlefront who have applied the February Update will also discover that developers have brought about some weapon changes, as primary weapons now do 10 percent extra damage to air vehicles, and Barrage damage has been increased from 50 to 55. Furthermore, players might be more partial to the Bowcaster now that its explosion damage has been turned up from 10 to 15 per projectile. However, Chewbacca’s weapon of choice will have slightly reduced splash damage, as its explosion radius drops from 3 to 2.5m.

Additionally, DICE and Electronic Arts developers have increased A-Wings’ hit boxes, which should make destroying the Rebel vehicle easier, potentially opening the doors for a one-shot A-Wing takedown. On top of that, Boba Fett’s Slave 1 ship has now been equipped with a detector allowing fans to see if a Rebel vehicle has a Shield active by way of an icon popping up on the screen. Perhaps most importantly, though, the latest Battlefront update has lowered the pre-round timer from 30 to 20 seconds, making the wait to get into a match even shorter.

Since the February Update has lots of useful content, players should be pleased, especially considering the fact that all of the materials in the patch are free. However, the real test of fans’ loyalty to Star Wars Battlefront will come in March, as the game’s first bout of paid DLC begins with the Outer Rim expansion, and is to be followed by Bespin in the summer of 2016, a previously denied Death Star package in the fall, and a currently untitled offering in 2017. Hopefully, these planned add-ons will end up providing Battlefront with enough gameplay to keep fans happy for the long-haul, as the game needs to ensure its longevity in order to stand the test of time.

Star Wars Battlefront is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


[Source:- Gamerant]