Steps to use EaseUS flash recovery software

Everyone is using computer or laptop for their own purpose. Some use laptop for their business or profession while some use laptop for their entertainment purpose. In all cases, people save their data and important files in the laptop or computer so that they may use it whenever want. People save many type of data in the laptop like audio, video, graphics, document, emails and other. Amount of saved data is varied according to user’s need. Some user saves data in terabyte while some save in megabyte. Sometimes there is chance that you have saved your important data in USB flash drive also called pen drive or memory card when you want to carry your important data from one place to another.

But, you may lose your important data for a reason and you want it immediately. You will not able to understand what to do and only thing that you know is you want your data back. Some of reasons that will cause to lose your data from flash drive are:

  • You have formatted your USB flash drive accidently
  • Virus attack
  • Due to power charge
  • When you not remove your USB flash drive properly from computer
  • Delete your files from flash drive accidently
  • Windows may also ask to format USB flash drive

Above causes may be happen to anyone who has stored his or her important data in USB flash drive. You have lost your data and want it back at any cost, and then many solutions are available here for data recovery. One of best solution is to use EaseUS free data recovery software. You can get free data recovery software for all operating systems like windows, iOS, MAC and Android. You will get all type of data recovery software free from this EaseUS Company. You will also get free data recovery software that will recover your lost data from flash drive.


This USB flash drive recovery software is easy to use and you can recover your all data that have lost due to any reason like software crash, virus attack or unknown reason. You just have to install the EaseUS flash drive recovery software in your computer or laptop from official website of EaseUS. Free trial version for flash drive recovery is available easily. Download it and install it. You will get complete step by step guide to install this software. After that, you face any problem during installation, you may contact to our support team.

Steps that you will follow to recover your lost data from flash drive:

  • Install data recovery software in your system and launch it.
  • Now, you will see file types and choose what type of file you want to recover.
  • In next step, you have to choose your flash drive and software will quickly scan it to recover your lost files.
  • After scanning, you will see result for file type that you choose to recover.
  • Now, select your file that you want to recover and check it.
  • If you found your file, save it and clear the preview result.