Twitter Wants to Get In on Your Gaming Conversations

Twitter Wants to Get In on Your Gaming Conversations

Popular micro-blogging service Twitter has announced a dedicated account for all things [email protected] seeks to be the platform’s attempt to capitalise on the massive number of gaming tweets daily.

“There are thousands of gaming-related Tweets sent on Twitter each day,” Twitter said in a statement. “Whether folks are discovering a new game, Tweeting at a gaming personality, keeping up with gaming news or following their favourite sport, we want want to make it easy for gaming fans to find and join the most vibrant conversations about games.”

The company has a host of official accounts for specific interests and categories like government, television, and music to name a few. Safe to say, Twitter Gaming will operate in the same way these have. Which is usually by retweeting gaming accounts of publishers and developers while trying to drive conversation and create discussions around specific topics such as gaming history.

This comes after Twitter snagged YouTube’s Rodrigo Veloso as its director of gaming and launched its own dedicated gaming vertical. It’s a role in which he will be responsible for helping premier gaming companies and personalities maximise engagement with their burgeoning fanbase through high quality content.

At the moment though, the account has tweeted very little. Aside from the initial “Hello” and “Let’s tweet” messages and a few retweets from publishers like 2K and Activision, you can follow the account at @TwitterGaming.