Who Should Use Facebook for Business?

Facebook is a highly active social platform for connecting with friends, family, brands, and sharing content of all types. There are more than 1.3 billion Facebook users, and 64% of them engage with the platform every day. In addition to its use for networking with friends and discovering new content, Facebook can be a highly effective tool for businesses to engage with their audience, promote products and services, and market to them on a regular basis. If you have not yet jumped into the world of Facebook marketing, you may want to consider implementing a paid or organic Facebook strategy into your marketing plan to expand your reach.

Today, businesses of all kinds are leveraging Facebook as part of their overall online marketing strategy. Whether you are a small local business, or a national brand with multiple locations, it is highly likely that your existing and potential customer base is already using Facebook.

In addition to reaching your followers organically via your company’s Facebook Page, Facebook also offers excellent paid advertising options that allow you to target the right audience, who will truly be interested in what you have to offer. Target potential customers by their interests, location, demographics, behaviours and much more.

SEP’s Facebook Marketing Strategies

At Search Engine People, we can determine what type of Facebook marketing strategy will be most effective in reaching your desired audience. Your unique strategy may include a mix of organic and paid strategies to achieve your goals. Whether you simply want to establish your presence on the social network, increase your followers, or use Facebook advertising to drive traffic back to your website, we can develop the right social media plan for your business.

To learn more about using Facebook marketing as part of your social media marketing strategy, contact SEP’s social media experts today!