Why sharing blog posts on social media doesn’t help

4 Reasons Why Sharing Blog Posts on Social Media is Important

I have been doing blogging from the past 4 years. I have seen people, friends and relatives, coming in this field and exiting it.

Let me tell you, blogging is a slow process. You can’t expect overnight fame and unexpected fortunate turn of events.

When I started or as everyone I saw, who started there was a common mistake that everyone does which negatively impacts our brain and site performance.

That is sharing blog posts on social media. If you think, your post is super valuable, it gives answer about something that most people want to know, then share it, but only for the first time.

Sharing blog posts on social media isn’t much supported, although it brings instant high traffic, but is also brings a high bounce rate. Bounce rate is a percentage scale from 1-100 that tells how early the average traffic leaves your time. If they spend around a minute or more on your time, it lowers your bounce rate but if people leave under 6-7 seconds, it increases the bounce rate to which Google lowers the rank of your site because it thinks that your site is less valuable, therefore people are leaving your site.

Some more tips how to lower your bounce rate:

1. Increase the speed of your site. It should be super fast and load under 3 seconds.

2. Get an eye catching theme. It not only makes your blog good looking but also helps in fast loading.

4. Write valuable content. Forget SEO, if you can’t write valuable content. People want their answer explained in 3-4 lines.

Now you might think that how can we write 3-4 lines when minimum word limit is 1000 words. 1000 word limit is only for Google crawler bots not for a human, so if you write a 1000 word article, and you reach 200 words, write a valuable 3-4 line answer and then write the less valuable content in the remaining words.

That’s how I managed to lower my bounce rate on my blog from 95% to 79%.