Xamarin apps against Native apps for app development

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Xamarin is one of the top languages that the IT team is demanding at present. There are different things that are great in the language platform. Some of them are better than the other native languages, whereas others are superior to it. Here is a comparison of Xamarin with other apps. Learn through Xamarin Course In Chicago and that will give you a better overview.

Cross platform use

The platform will allow you to share the codes from android and iOS. Hence you will be writing code for one platform and the other one will be automatically fetched. This support is never given by any other platforms, widely available for the IT field.

C# support

C# is one of the base that has exceeded all previous levels and hence is one of the top areas that is covered here. Learn Xamarin through and access C# easily through the cross platform base. Writing different sets of codes for Android and iOS is really time taking and developers do search for the way out of this trouble. This is another way for your aid.


.NET is the library that is to be accessed by the frameworks – this one is the dream of all the experts. You, as an IT specialist must be seeking that for your work. Xamarin gives the high end support for you in this respect. This is the part that makes the user fascinated to the framework. For web application creation, access to the library is essential and there is also need of portability in the action.

Time lagging

Apart from API handling, Xamarin lags time in all areas. There are different other things too, that are to be handled and that cannot be well managed with this framework. This is often seen to be a lagging side by the specialists. API can be handled super-fast in this framework and the speed it generates in working with API is not available with any other frameworks, but on the other end all other things are in the down mood.

Third party library support

Using third party libraries is essential while you are using Android or iOS. However, this platform does not allow the same in any ways. This is again treated to be a lagging feature by the IT specialists. In case of mobile application creation, accessing third party application is essential and if that is not provided by the framework, then naturally the idea shifts to other areas.


Even in using the .NET frameworks, there are certain obligations, that are imposed by the framework. There are some of the top areas, where it will be doing well with .NET, but while portability is considered, it moves to the back seat. Hence, although there is support in the framework for .NET, IT people tries to keep them selves away from its use.

The final thing is that there are different good and bad sides and all of them are creating essential supports for the developers. There are different Xamarin Online Course for you that will provide the essential help. Go through them and start using it in web applications.