Xbox One X Price in India Increased After Budget 2018 Customs Duty Hike

Xbox One X Price in India Increased After Budget 2018 Customs Duty Hike


  • The Xbox One X will soon cost Rs. 48,490
  • This price hike is due to an increase in customs duty
  • No price hike for the Xbox One S has been revealed yet

The Xbox One X launched in India last month at a Rs. 44,990 price tag. And it looks like it will cost more. Multiple retailers and distributors speaking to Gadgets 360 have confirmed that the Xbox One X India price will soon be Rs. 48,490. Much like the price hike for the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, this is due to the increase in customs duty from 10 to 20 percent announced during the Union Budget 2018.

This new price will impact all new stock of the Xbox One X imported into India with immediate effect. What this means is, older Xbox One X stock will still be available at its earlier price until new shipments hit the country. Game stores have been notified of the new price late last week and are waiting to sell out of their current stock at the Rs. 44,990 price before updating it to Rs. 48,490 Gadgets 360 has learned.


“We could list it at the new price now,” a buyer for an e-commerce platform tells us. “But we’re waiting till we sell out of this shipment before bringing it in at a new price.”

Considering that the initial response to the Xbox One X in India was solid, we expect the new price to roll out sooner rather than later.

Even at the new price, expect quantities of the Xbox One X to be limited with all of 150 units to be made available. No price hike has been revealed for the Xbox One S just yet due to an ample number of consoles available for sale. Between the rising prices of PC hardware, PC games, and now video game consoles, the cost of gaming in India is becoming a whole lot more dearer.

Gadgets 360 has reached out to Microsoft India for comment and will update this story the moment we hear from the company.