XCOM 2 Gets A Puppy Gun

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A fan of XCOM 2 makes a corgi puppy gun for the turn-based strategy game, which Firaxis acknowledges is the first post-release modification made by a fan.

Firaxis wasn’t lying when it said that XCOM 2 would feature plenty of modification support. In fact, the studio even teamed up with some high-profile modders to ensure that XCOM 2 would launch with a few modifications ready for the day the game came out.

It was great that fans got to enjoy some great mods right from the get-go, like a brand new submachine gun, or even a retextured muton that acts as a challenging mini- boss. To us, these are great options for mixing up the core gameplay experience, and they set a high standard for other modifications. That’s what makes the first post-launch modification even better, because it ended up being a Puppy Gun.

The corgi-based weapon, pictured above, was originally intended to be a replacement for the Gremlin, a drone which XCOM operatives can use in the field. Having ‘banged his head around’ for 12 hours attempting to make that work, the mod’s creator eventually got frustrated and found that it was easier to replace the in-game rifles instead. One has to admit, the corgi does look a little cuter than you standard XCOM weaponry:

XCOM 2 Gameplay Mod

Not counting the modifications that were made pre-release, creator JonTerp says he ‘legit feels bad that this is the first XCOM 2 mod to be released’. Today, Firaxis acknowledged his post-release mod for being first up to the figurative plate, and even shot out a tweet which has garnered plenty of attention from fans.

For those who are curious, the weapon is called the ACORG-47 (because of course it is), and interested commanders can download it here. Though the modification had over 15,000 gamers check it out today, it looks like only a paltry 200 or so went doggone-crazy for the mod and actually gave it a try.

There’s already some pretty silly modifications for the game on the Steam Workshop, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Thomas The Tank engine makes an appearance at some point, regardless ofhow horrifying that ends up being. All joke-modifications aside, fans of XCOM 2 have already made some genuinely useful modifications for the game, like the free camera rotation mod.

No word yet on if JonTerp plans to finish his original plan for the modification, and make the corgi a proper drone replacement. In truth, we’re always hopeful for any corgi-related news.

XCOM 2 is out now for PC, Mac, and Linux. Those hoping that the title will come to consoles like the previous game are facing some tough odds.


[Source:- gamerant]