3D Print Your Customizable ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Spartan To Life With Sandboxr

Halo 5

Sandboxr, a 3D printing platform developer, and 3D Systems, a 3D digital designer and solutions provider, are collaborating with 343 Industries, developer of the Halo video game franchise and a Microsoft subsidiary, to launch the first of its kind 3D printing Digital to Doorstep platform for Halo 5: Guardians fans worldwide.

The collaboration combines 3D Systems’ ProJet x60, which features the company’s full-color 3D printing technology, as well as its capacity to supply a worldwide market, and Sandboxr’s proprietary 3D printing customization platform to provide Halo fans with 3D-printed Spartan figurines. The figurines can be designed either within the game or through halowaypoint.com. The on-demand 3D printing will produce Spartans in photorealistic color that will be shipped to clients’ doorsteps.

“The relationship between Sandboxr, Microsoft and 3D Systems is another big step in our mission to bring our disruptive 3D printing technology to millions of game fans worldwide,” says Sandboxr President and Co-founder TJ Young. “Over the years, Halo fans have been clamoring for the ability to buy a personalized Halo Spartan. Our 3D Digital to Doorstep platform, along with 3D Systems’ global fulfillment capabilities, makes it possible for those Halo fans to get what they want; a high quality, fairly priced, customizable 3D printed Halo collectable.”

The 3D-printed collectible will be offered worldwide starting at $29.99. The figurines will come complete with their own armor, helmet, colors, weapon, gamertag, achievements and other nifty things that fans want to include in their designs.

“Our collaboration with Sandboxr and Halo 5 is a perfect example of how our 3D printing integrates into and enhances existing products and experiences,” says Cathy Lewis, 3D system’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “We are excited to be able to leverage our technology to transform meaningful gaming experiences into physical realities.”