5 Famous Vehicles That Should Be Added to Rocket League

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With plenty of crossover cars already found within its ranks, we take a look at five famous vehicles we’d love to see make an appearance in Rocket League.

As one of the most popular indie titles in recent memory, Rocket League has firmly secured its place as a go-to multiplayer game for casual and competitive players alike. One of the coolest aspects about the nitro-fueled sports outing, however, is the sheer amount of crossover content it has floating around inside of it. Whether players want to jump into Back to the Future‘s DeLorean or climb aboard Halo‘s iconic Warthog, there’s no shortage of memorable vehicles to operate.

This got us to thinking about other iconic vehicles that would fit perfectly within the ranks of Rocket League. Truthfully, there’s little question that there are an ample number of cars from franchises across gaming, television, and film that many consider to be memorable, and we hope that the developers at Psyonix keep them coming. With that in mind, we’ve taken on the monumental task of narrowing them down to our five favorite automobiles from across all facets of entertainment. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Ghostbusters: Ecto-1

Rocket League Ghostbusters Ecto 1

I ain’t afraid of no ghost, which is exactly why the Ghostbusters‘ Ecto-1 has found itself on our list. As one of the more memorable cars from film history, it would easily fit into the chaos that is Rocket League. Of course, we’d hope that the signature wail of its sirens would be incorporated as a permanent fixture of this vehicle – although limiting it to a simple horn option would be preferred. With a brand new film also en route, there’s little question that the Ecto-1 would be a timely addition to the title.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtle Van

Rocket League Ninja Turtles Van

Cowabunga! Whether diving head-first into a battle against the villainous Shredder or a deep dish pizza, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have long been established as beloved cartoon mascots – despite originating from comics. With an upcoming film set to reintroduce audiences to Bebop, Rocksteady, and Krang, there’s going to be a lot of attention turned towards the heroes in a half-shell and their signature whip, the Turtle Van. With that in mind, seeing the beloved boxed vehicle hurdling through the air like a four-wheeled ninja would be all too appropriate.

Mad Max: V8 Interceptor

Rocket League Mad Max Interceptor

At this point, moviegoers have probably learned that Max Rockatansky’s world is fire and blood, as he’s kind enough to inform fans of such during the opening scene of Fury Road. What gamers can draw from this, however, is that his car (the V8 Interceptor) has been through hell and back, and as a result would be an ideal vehicle to take control of in Rocket League. Considering the car’s ability to blow up in a dramatic fashion before making a return unscathed, we firmly believe that it would fit well within a gaming universe where such endeavours are expected within every match. Mad Maxfans definitely don’t want to get caught remembering that they could’ve had the V8.

Mass Effect: M35 Mako

Rocket League Mass Effect Mako

Some of the best cars found within Rocket League originated from other games. Vehicles like Gears of War‘s Armadillo and Twisted Metal‘s Sweet Tooth are some of the coolest incentives to play the game on either Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but they aren’t rocket cars that can be experienced by everyone. That’s why implementing the M35 Mako from Mass Effect would be so ideal, as players on any platform could jump into its driver’s seat and play. With six tires, it would be one of the more unique options available for fans and Krogans alike!

Batman: Batmobile

Rocket League Batman Batmobile

Of course the Batmobile is on here, what kind of fools do you take us for? As one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, Batman‘s go-to form of transportation has taken on many forms over the years. We’d think the classic Batmobile may be the way to go, but Psyonix and Warner Bros. should feel free to add multiple versions of the vehicle if they ever feel the need to introduce the caped crusader to Rocket League. It would truly be a sight to behold if the Batmobile were able to go head-to-head against the likes of the infamous DeLorean and the ever-popular Warthog, as there’s never telling which gadgets it may have lurking under its hood.

There are still plenty of other cars that would fit perfectly within the craziness that is Rocket League, but, again, we opted to narrow it down to our five favourites. With that said, which vehicles do you think would work well in the game? Get at us in the comments.


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