5 Pokemon That Should Be Added to Pokken Tournament

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Now that Pokken Tournament is available to the masses, we take a look at five Pokemon we’d like to see join the game’s roster as downloadable fighters.

As one of the most anticipated games arriving on the Nintendo Wii U in 2016, Pokken Tournament is sure to bring a smile to the faces of many a Pokemon fan. One of the issues we found whilst playing through the title, however, pertained to the fact that the game only features a total of 16 playable characters – two of which are Pikachu and two more that are simply variants of Mewtwo. This lack of selection is something that we immediately pointed out during our review of Pokken Tournament, but it got us thinking about what other monsters we’d like to see join the fray.

After much deliberation, we’ve drummed up a list featuring some of our most desired Pocket Monster candidates. Given that there are no current plans for Pokken Tournament DLC, these ideas may never be realized. Still, with four gaps hinting that there may still be more spots up for grabs on the main roster, we couldn’t help but speculate on just which Pokemon they could be.

Without any further delay, here are our picks for future Pokken Tournament fighters.


Pokken Tournament Scyther

As one of the original and beloved Bug-types, there’s no denying that Scyther is well-equipped to go toe-to-toe (or scythe-to-face) with the competition featured in Pokken Tournament. Another reason for its inclusion on this list is that, as it stands, there are currently no Bug Pokemon on the game’s roster. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible, and Scyther would be a great way of going about that.


Pokken Tournament Blastoise

As the final evolution of one of the original starter Pokemon, Blastoise has rather surprisingly been ignored in recent blockbuster games. Sure, it was featured prominently on the cover of Pokemon Blue and was even one of the first monsters to receive its very own Mega Evolution, but the character deserves a lot more attention. Pokken Tournament may be the best way to go about getting the cannon-backed turtle just that, and it would be nice to finally settle the score with rival cover star Charizard.


Pokken Tournament Goodra

As a newer Pokemon that was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y, Goodra has quickly become one of the more popular monsters featured within the series. Part of this could stem from the fact that Ash Ketchum has one in the ongoing anime series, but the truth simply is that this Dragon-type could be implemented into Pokken Tournament with some great results. Given the fact that it appears to be made out of goo and is incredibly malleable, there’s a lot of moveset potential for this creature.

Hitmonlee & Hitmonchan

Pokken Tournament Hitmonlee Hitmonchan

It’s almost shocking that neither Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan made it into the final Pokken Tournament roster, as they both should have been frontrunners for inclusion. Given how closely tied these two Fighting-types are to one another, however, we’ve opted to include both of them in our number two spot. Even then, we still really want to see the Pokemon inspired by Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, respectively, added to the game for obvious reasons.


Pokken Tournament Metagross

The four-legged, metal monster known as Metagross has become a tried-and-true go-to for competitive players. Mind you, this status has been bestowed upon it thanks to its Mega Evolution, but the admiration for the Pocket Monster amongst fans still stands out as quite noticeable. Add in the fact that Metagross is a Steel/Physic-type and another quadruped (the only other currently on the roster is Suicune), and there’s no denying that this behemoth would be a worthy addition to this fighting game.

That concludes out list of Pokemon that we’d like to see join Pokken Tournament. We realize that with over 700 monster to choose from, some favorites may be missing from our comparatively minute list. Fan-favorites like Greninja and Howlucha are obvious absentees, but that’s why we want to hear what your most desired Pokken fighters are in the comment section below. Be sure to get at us there and let us know what you thought of our list and which beasts you think could still be coming.

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