A Snapshot of SEO in 2015 and Beyond


SEO: an ever-changing subject that, if you are reading this here on SEJ, most likely plays a role of some capacity in your current position. Whether you’re a senior analyst at an agency or have just started an in-house role in online PR, you need to know it.

So how well do you actually know SEO? Whether you are a newbie or seasoned vet in the industry, it can be easy to forget the fundamentals and navigate your way through the multiple updates thrown at you from the search engines (namely Google, of course) – not to mention the breadth of tools out there that can assist you on your quest for SERP-supremacy.

I remember starting out in SEO in 2011, and feeling bogged down by the learning curve and reading required to provide a clear snapshot of search engine optimization. Since then, the industry has changed immensely, with the tactics I was being taught back then were quickly labelled black hat and replaced with a better and much more natural way of doing things.

In short: keeping up is paramount, or you’re just going to get lost in the jungle.

It is for this reason that the digital agency I work for, addmustard, has created the infographic below as a way of supplementing larger SEO guides and providing that essential snapshot. What are the headlines? What are the main areas to consider and what tools could help you, where?

Take a look to kick off your learning or to simply brush up on a skill that has become crucial for your career.

A Snapshot of SEO in 2015 and Beyond | SEJ

To quickly note, the tools mentioned above are simply addmustard’s choices in the areas detailed as they perform best for us as an agency, however with so many out there, it really is about trying each tool and finding which works best for you.

With that in mind, do you feel like you’re the king of the jungle yet? Or still have some way to go? Until Google decides on purifying the jungle with a new bushfire algorithm, this is a simple snapshot of the driving factors of SEO in 2015/16. If you want to dig a little deeper, a good place to start is always the SEO section of SEJ.