Accenture enhances its Cloud Platform

Business consulting firm Accenture had released an enhanced version of its Accenture Cloud Platform, designed to improve its ability to help with the governance and control of cloud applications.

Accenture Cloud Platform exists to help companies manage their cloud service portfolio in a flexible and scalable way. It covers both public and private cloud resources and integrates with technologies such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Accenture claims the latest tweaks reduce the time to implement new cloud solutions, improve the cost efficiency and optimization of IT, and enhance the governance and control of cloud management.

“Organizations of all sizes are increasingly adopting As-a-Service operating models as they look for greater operational agility, and doing so requires the right cloud management tools,” said Jack Sepple, MD of, Cloud and Security at Accenture.

“This release of the Accenture Cloud Platform improves organizational capabilities to manage cloud sprawl, reducing the time needed to deploy cloud resources while providing a greater ability to innovate and integrate new solutions into the cloud quicker than ever.”

Accenture is being quite proactive around the cloud these days, having acquired Cloud Sherpas last month to boost its cloud consulting offering, especially for companies looking to make their initial transition. The fact that this announcement coincides with Amazon’s AWS re:Invent event is probably not a coincidence.




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